U3A Elgin Welcome

Welcome from the Chair

Hello everyone and welcome to Elgin and District U3A website. If you have any suggestions do please contact us to discuss them. If you want to start a group or have an idea for a group we would love to know; and any suggestions to make our meetings fun and interesting would be appreciated. Do remember that U3A is run by the members for the members and we really want everyone to have a voice. Enjoy your groups and I look forward to meeting you at General meetings which are held every 2 months at the Elgin Town Hall. Go to the Events page for more information.

The Elgin & District U3A is a relatively new Branch formed in October 2015 for the Elgin area but not limited to any specific boundaries. We are a lively branch committed to a variety of subjects and open to the formation of more groups and a wider variety of activities and learning as the membership grows.

What you can enjoy: Joining the U3A, you enter a stimulating organisation quite unlike others. Besides fostering friendships it encourages lifelong learning; and it does it both entertainingly and informatively. We know by now that keeping active mentally and physically, is a key to staying happy and healthy as we get older.

The U3A offers excellent talks and discussions, and a chance to participate in small groups that will widen your knowledge - or cater perhaps for special interests you have already. There is no age limit, and few conditions: membership is open to older persons no longer in full time work.

Interested so far? Then here’s how it works. Members meet altogether every two months at the Members' Meeting when a guest speaker is the special attraction, you can enjoy a wide variety of diverse subjects. Also at that meeting, besides the opportunity to meet existing friends and make new ones, you will be kept abreast of what’s going on, and can enjoy light refreshment. You can get to know your committee and group leaders too.

The groups are run by leaders well informed in their chosen subject, and in many groups members will be welcome to share their own knowledge and experiences. Groups cover indoor and outdoor interests, cultural and otherwise. Many are social events, within these smaller groups new friendships are made.

Depending on its nature a group may meet at a local public venue or in a member’s home. Some groups make a small charge to cover the cost of hiring their meeting place or refreshments.

Many Groups are up and running, with several more in planning and if a topic you would like to see is not covered, then our group co-ordinator can help you start a new group, taking you through the initial stages. to find out more click on the GROUPS Tab at the top of the page. How can you learn more? Click on the U3A here or the Tab at the top of the page, which will take you to the National site that details history of the organisation.

My very best wishes to everyone. Sheena Nicolson, Chair.